Best Desi Restaurants in Islamabad

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Pakistani’s Love Desi Food”. Cooking and eating food is taken into account the special hobby of Pakistani people. it’s a rustic of weird meals, infused in Spices that produce pleasant aromas and exclusive flavors. We color everyone in our color with our love, flavors of food, and homeliness. Eateries in Islamabad are excellent for hangouts with family and friends.

If you’re trying to find an area to remain on a gorgeous night under beautiful views of Islamabad, don’t got to worry because there are tons of lovely guest houses in Islamabad are available for visitors. Islamabad is that the capital of Pakistan so people belonging to different countries live here. This really makes it adventurous thanks to the mixture of cultures and flavors particularly when it involves a spread of restaurants. What if the Desi environment becomes available along side the Desi food? To materialize this desire some nature-loving people prepare the simplest Desi Restaurants in Islamabad. a number of these are discussed below:


Venue: F-10/1, Khursheed Market, Street no. 10 This amazing restaurant has two branches in Islamabad situated in G-8 and F-10. Tandoori restaurant’s quaint fashion and traditional décor style is that the main attraction for tourists. This place is particularly known for its chicken karahi, palak paneer, and pulao by having the inspiration especially from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab. To refine desi-ness for you create bound to visit Tandoori Restaurant,

Des Pardes:

Venue: Saidpur Village, Saidpur Road, Islamabad

Des Pardes is resting at the gorgeous views of Saidpur Village not just for locals but also for visitors from all across the world . Two tastes at a time means their unique dishes are Reshmi Seekh Kababs and Tikka Boti along side a singular taste of Peshawar’s Namak Mandi like Namkeen Lamb Karahi and Dumpukht.

With guaranteed experience, Des Pardes offers affordable and top-class services.

Dilli Darwaza:

Venue: Allah Wali Market, Plot No 8, Street No 33 | F-8/1

Dilli Darwaza may be a famous restaurant in Islamabad which is recognized for its tasty “Nihari”. This one may be a delicious breakfast point situated in F-8/1. Mughal Feast is served by this tiny eatery all the weak. Anyone who steps in overwhelms by the unforgettable aroma of spices. His mouth watered and he can’t stop his hands until he enjoys Nihari to his fill. Whenever you visit Islamabad must visit this amazing place.

Khoka Khola:

Venue: Jinnah Avenue, Beverly Center, F 6/1 Blue Area

With the representation of Khoka, this is often a tremendous place for food lovers. once you are entering this lovely restaurant you’ll enjoy the old music from 1970-80s with dim lighting. Their special dishes are Papri Chaat, Makhni Karahi, Biryani, or their cheesy chicken Naan. Don’t forget to go to this place if you’ve got an honest Desi experience.

Chika chino:

Venue: Islamabad F-7 Markaz

Web address: Chikachino

This is an area for tea lovers means for all of these who are habitual for wakes up only after having a cup of tea. This small cafe is situated at F-7 Markaz, Jinnah Super Market Islamabad. Be able to refresh your memories by having a sip of tea together with your family or friends. Different sort of tee with Desi Snacks is expecting your arrival. Don’t be too late for having a cup of tea because there are hustle and bustle after 7 pm.

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