How to Submit Application for LDA City Naya Pakistan Apartments

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The Government of Pakistan has announced a key policy to provide affordable housing throughout the country, called the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme.

Affordable housing schemes under this initiative will be developed in the major cities of Pakistan. The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has signed an agreement with Bank of Punjab (BOP) of PKR 10 billion for the construction of 4,000 apartments in Lahore.  

According to the LDA, the applications for allotment of LDA City New Pakistan Apartments have started, whereas, the deadline for the submission of applications is the end of April 2021. Let’s find out all about the application for LDA City Naya Pakistan Apartments in this blog. The application process is slightly lengthy; however, the government has shifted everything online so everyone can easily register for it. In this blog, we provide you a step-by-step guide to the six sections of the application, and how you should go about it.

Online Application for LDA City Naya Pakistan Apartment

This BOP online application has a number of sections that have to be filled. For ease, the application is bi-lingual so a larger number of people can register for it. All fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory and have to be filled.


In this section, the applicant has to give complete details of the applicant’s name, National Identity Card number, gender, address, applicant’s recent picture, and whether or not this will be the applicant’s first house. There is also an option provided where the applicant has to upload their attested and scanned CNIC copies.

The applicants have to be careful while uploading CNIC copies, as these have to be attested by government employees before being scanned and uploaded. Details of attestation have been mentioned in Section F, stating that any government employee of BS 17 grade or higher can attest CNIC of the applicant.

SECTION B: Contact information

For successful completion of the application, the applicants have to provide their relevant contact details which the BOP can use in case they want to contact the applicant. In this section, the applicant has to provide their ‘Permanent’ as well as ‘Present Address.’ Other contact details include the phone number of the office, residence, and personal (mobile number). 

Contact details are extremely important and should be carefully filled out. It is advised that the applicants must fill this section completely, even for fields not marked with an asterisk.

SECTION C: Qualification details

This is a non-mandatory section and has only one field that needs to be filled, asking about the applicant’s highest level of education. This can be the most-recent qualification and has to be filled honestly.

SECTION D: Employment details

Here, the applicant has to provide their employment details. Under the kind of employer, there are three options: Employer of the Government of Pakistan, Employer of the Government of Punjab, and/or Lahore Development Authority. 

The applicant also has to give details of whether or not they are currently employed by the employer mentioned, their job title, the department they work in, gross and net salary. Moreover, the applicant has to specify for how long they have been working in that particular role, and when they are expected to or when they retire. 

This section also asks for two-month salary slips for the particular employment mentioned by the applicant, and whether or not the applicant is a politically exposed person. Before applying for this, everyone should know that politically-exposed persons are those who have been entrusted with prominent public functions either domestically or by a foreign country or an international organization.

There are specifications for the salary slips that have been mentioned in Section F as:

  1. Computerized pay slips issued by the Accountant General Pakistan Revenues, its Sub-Offices, Accountant General, Punjab, District Accounts Offices, officers responsible for salary disbursement in organizations which do not disburse salaries through the Accountant General Pakistan.
  2. Manually-produced salary slips are also accepted, from employees of an organization that do not have a computerized payroll system.

As this is a portal made through the Bank of Punjab, in this section the applicant will also be asked if they are employees of BOP or have any relative who might be working at this bank.

SECTION E: Declarations

Typically, for most applications, there is a single declaration that the applicants have to Accept and Proceed with Registration. However, as this is for a government project, there are a number of declarations, and the applicant has to agree to each by clicking on the left-hand dialogue box.

The declarations are more like prerequisites to gaining funding as follows:

  1. First, the applicant has to accept that all the information provided by them is clear and authentic and that the LDA and BOP have full authority to verify the authenticity of any information.
  2. The applicant also verifies and accepts that they have not been employed by any bank of Pakistan.
  3. In this, the applicant acknowledges that they do not have any property outside of the one they want financing for and that during the financing period the housing unit under discussion will remain under the applicant’s use. 
  4. The applicant accepts that they will follow all formal procedures as outlined by the LDA.
  5. As this is for government employees who do not earn more than PKR 50,000, this is also a part of the declarations.
  6. The applicant has to be a permanent resident of the Punjab province.
  7. If the applicant succeeds in getting an allotment for the apartment, they will receive the Letter Of Comfort from the bank.
  1. After the Letter of Comfort has been received by the applicant, they cannot change their bank account and have to follow all formal procedures in case the bank finds any forged document.
  2. The applicant also has to accept that all of their monetary benefits from retirement will have to be channelized through the Bank of Punjab.
  3. The applicant also has to ensure that they have submitted attested copies of CNIC and salary certificates.

SECTION F: Definition

This section primarily deals with outlining the three categories of people who are eligible to apply for low-cost housing under NPHP. This is to specify that the applicants are government employees and earn less than PKR 50,000/month. 

For clarity, the applicants should read this section before attempting the application. There are three eligible categories of people who can apply for BOP low-cost housing finance. These are:

  1. Employees of Government of Pakistan: Employees of the Federal Government of Pakistan, who have a permanent address in any district of Punjab working in Divisions, Attached Departments, autonomous bodies, Special Institutions, Companies, local governments, or any other federal entity. 
  2. Employees of the Government of Punjab: This includes employees who have a permanent address of any district of Punjab, and who are working in departments, attached departments, autonomous bodies, special institutions, companies, boards, local governments, or under any other entity of the Government of Punjab.
  3. Employees of the LDA: This is specific to employees of the UD Wing of the LDA, Water and Sanitation Agency, and the Traffic Engineering & Planning Agency of the LDA.

This section also gives details of the attestation of CNIC copies and salary slips.

After reading this carefully, the applicants then move towards the last section of the application, which is Review.


The applicant has to check the dialogue box certifying that the information they have provided is correct and that they have agreed to all terms of the agreement. It also proclaims that the BOP can reject any application owing to any irregularities.

At the end there are three red buttons which read, Submit, Reset and Print. For personal records, all applicants should print their application before clicking on the submit button. If you think that somehow the information you have provided is incorrect or incomplete, you should reset the records, and start again.

LDA City Naya Pakistan Apartments is a flagship project by the incumbent government. Prime Minister Imran Khan has directed the State Bank of Pakistan and National Bank of Pakistan to soften mortgage terms. Work is underway at a fast pace to ensure fast completion.

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