important information about Real estate investment

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For investors

Consider always these following points before investing .

Private Societies

1.Purchase only in those societies, those have NOC

2. In private societies only attempt to purchase semi developed or developed plots.

3.Avoid installments plots privately societies in the least ,but if it’s impossible ,then purchase installments plots only development is started in these societies and reached at some extent.

Investment in DHA

Try to invest in DHA for safety and security but not altogether projects of DHA .First check the followings before investing in DHA also.

a. Location

B.Status of acquiring land

C.status of early development.

D.Try to invest only after Ballot and choose category plots if possible.

E.Avoid files for future investment except for trading; these aren’t bad .But one should understand first about peak and bottom prices.

General rule

Don’t attempt to purchase therein societies those aren’t under good trading, otherwise it ll b very difficult to sell your plots

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