Pir Chinasi-Best tourist attraction place in Muzaffarabad (Azad Kashmir)

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Pir chinasi is at 11000 ft above sea level. This hill directly overlooks Muzaffarabad. An awesome place for friends and family trip. You can even have refreshment at tea stalls. Road condition is awesome; it’s almost a new road directly leading to the top. Pir mean a A Sufi Famous saint, Pir Chanasi, known as Peer Syed Husain Shah Bukhari. Basically, it’s a shrine which is located at the top of mountain. This is 30 km in the east ascending of Muzaffarabad.

You can get the buses from Pir wadayi adda from Islamabad to Muzaffarabad. Then local car or jeep hire for the top of Pir Chinasi by own vehicles

Lahore Ž M-2 (Motorway) Ž Islamabad Ž Murree Express Way Ž Kohala Ž Muzaffarabad Ž Pir Chinasi

Average Temperature: 20 degree Celsius (Min) and 30 degree Celsius (Max)

Distance from Lahore:

Road Conditions: Road is carpeted, steep, use lower gear as your vehicle will shout. Its better to take Jeeps from Muzaffarabad if there is snowfall or rain.

Facilities in pir chinasi for tourists

Pir Chinasi from Muzaffarabad AJK is just a day trip activity, there is a AJK Government guest house available for tourist accommodation in Saran Pir Chinasi on the beautiful tourist attraction place to stay for night or so is Saran. The tourist can stay one night in Saran guesthouse but for that you should have prior accommodation reservation from AJK tourism department. There is a shrine of Sufi Saint in Pir Chinasi and some local shops for tourist to eat.

Recommendation for tourists in Pir chinasi

Once you have reached Pir chinasi on your own car or on rent a car/jeep from Muzaffarabad you spend all your day in sightseeing’s and enjoy full day, the better option is to come back to Muzaffarabad as there are good hotel accommodations in Muzaffarabad city and hotels are on discounted price available in Muzaffarabad because of high competition of hotels in Muzaffarabad. In Muzaffarabad you can find hotels of all type. The famous hotels accommodation as hotel pearl continental PC hotel Muzaffarabad, the moderate hotels in Muzaffarabad as Neelum View Hotel in Muzaffarabad and other hotel facilities available in Muzaffarabad as Sangum Hotel, Royal Continental and Mir Continental Hotel in Muzaffarabad. In Muzaffarabad there are also some cheap priced hotels available in almost all areas of Muzaffarabad. There are also some guest houses available in Muzaffarabad too which are neat clean and reasonable for accommodation to stay with family in Muzaffarabad.

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