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If we know about ever-expanding urbanization and perhaps the most famous property market in the country, Karachi is truly a metropolis. According to a current survey, it has also come up as Pakistan’s most expensive city to live in. 

Acting as the economic hub of the nation, the largest city of Pakistan attracts migrants from different areas of the country by providing them with better educational and earning opportunities. This factor not only apparently promotes cultural variations in the City of Lights but is also causing its population to increasing vastly with time. 

In last some years, a number of the city’s main urban centers have become crowded and now offer very little space for new developments. This is why property developers and stakeholders have now move their focus towards the development of small-town and high-rise structures in the metropolis.


According to the volume of searches on different search enjoin Pakistan’s most trusted property portal, here are the top five areas to buy property in Karachi, as of March 2021.

  • DHA Karachi
  • Bahria Town Karachi
  • Gulistan-e-Jauhar
  • Scheme 33
  • Gadap Town


Probably one of the oldest and famous neighborhoods in the city, DHA Karachi is also making it to the list of top areas to buy property in Karachi for the past several years and rightfully so. It’s a master-planned residential community with a large network of well-paved and broad roads, which connects the whole neighborhood. Moreover, the society has itself own security management that works along with the local police.

Well maintained and under the supervision of Cantonment Board Clifton (CBC), Public parks and recreational,entaining spots found in the area of Defence are famous all over Karachi. It is divided into seven phases and their extensions. Phase 5 of the residential community touches the coastline and hosts Karachi’s very famous Sea View Beach. It also shares boundaries with the area of Clifton, which is another well-to-do neighbourhood of the city.

Home to Nueplex Cinemas, Moin Khan Cricket Academy, and Creek Vistas, Phase 8 is the top listed neighbourhood of DHA Karachi according to search trends. It has beautifully designed beachfront houses and a serene environment with plenty of urban open spaces and greenbelts. Since it is comparatively a newer development, it is not much populated and has plenty of vacant residential and commercial plots. Do Darya, one of Karachi’s most visted and famous night spots is also found in the neighbourhood.

When it comes to popularity, DHA Phase 8 is followed by DHA Phase 6. The second-most famous phase of Defence enjoys the most central location in the neighbourhood and has easy access to almost all phases. DHA Phase 6 also hosts some of the best commercial areas of DHA Karachi including Seher Commercial, Shahbaz Commercial, and Bukhari Commercial. 

One of the many perks of living in DHA Karachi is that you can associated a complaint with CBC to notify the authorities about the issues that need to be addressed. Also, DHA Karachi enjoys a well-connected location. Phase 1, 2, and 7 of the neighboring and also connected with Korangi Road, which further links it with Shahrah-e-Faisal and many other important roads of Karachi. On a side note, if you are seeking a profit-making commercial investment opportunity, then you should consider investing in Bali Business avenue. Located in DHA Phase 2, the project enjoys a prime location and has been satisfied  with all modern-day facilities. The project is also expected to capitulate rewarding capital gains down the road.  If you want to learn more about the location, investment options, and features of Bali Business avenue, take a look at this blog.

Bahria Town Karachi

Karachi, one of the largest and most famous city of Pakistan lacks a well-planned housing society. Even DHA, a society people bluster about, isn’t suitably planned, lacking entertaining facilities such as parks, play areas, or planned commercial areas. Even though most of the gentlefolk of Karachi are residents of DHA, there is still lack of planning and infrastructure facilities in this well-known housing authority. The only notable feature of DHA is that it provides residents a secure and safe place to live in, and a much cleaner environment, compared to the rest of the city.

Therefore, there is no society in Karachi that can compete with international standards of life and infrastructure. However, we’ve got good news for people living in Karachi!  The emerging rival of DHA, well known as Bahria Town, is now coming to Karachi, giving citizens the good news of a well-planned mega housing scheme, as well as infrastructure that meets international standards. In addition to this, all kinds of facilities will be available in this well-developed diminutive city. This means citizens of Karachi will now have access to a calm, peaceful, and secure housing scheme, which will permit them to enjoy luxuries of life to the thorough, with an immoderate lifestyle. Bahria town is best described as a mini city within a larger city.

The main objective of the developers of this mega housing authority is to provide affordable, yet exemplary properties to the middle class of Pakistan. Because of their reasonable prices, and easy-to-manage pricing plans, there are thousands of applications collected in from citizens from all over the country, demanding to purchase plots, apartments, villas, and even modern homes.


Gulistan-e-Jauhar is one of the oldest and perhaps the dynamic locality in the city. A large part of its real estate is based on apartments. Residential high-rise buildings now dominate the outlines of the locality. Owing to its central location, Gulistan-e-Jauhar is home to some of the most popular shopping and entertainment landmarks in the city including Millenium Mall and Nueplex Cinemas.

Gulistan-e-Jauhar is also linked with the Jinnah International Airport, Karachi, via the route of Shahrah-e-Faisal. It’s a vast neighbourhood that has been further divided into 20 blocks for easy to pilot. As per the user data fetched from, Block 14 and 15 of Gulistan-e-Jauhar have proceed as two of the most popular areas with property for sale in Karachi. 

Located side by side, these two blocks of the society are directly linked with Jauhar Chowrangi Road, which intersects with University Road near Safari Park. Residents of Gulistan-e-Jauhar enjoy easy access to neighbourhoods like Gulshan-e-Iqbal and Federal B. Area. Karachi University is also a few minutes’ drive away from the area.

Top-level healthcare and educational facilities like Darul Sehat Hospital and COMMECS College are also found in the locality. Since it is one of the city’s most sought-after neighborhoods, some of the best entertaining spots in Karachi including Pavilion End Club, Super Space Karachi, and Aladdin Park are also found here, which is also one of the greatest perks of living in Gulistan-e-Jauhar. With a lot happening around, property investment in Gulistan-e-Jauhar seems to be an in good option.  This brings us to the end of our list of the most popular areas to buy property in Karachi, as of March 2021. We hope the information we have provided you in this piece will help you make an informed decision in terms of real estate investment in Karachi. As a property investor in Karachi, you may also like reading our blogs on top commercial projects in the city and up-and-coming investment opportunities near Karachi Airport. For people interested in low-budget property investments, we have carefully compiled the listings of low-priced houses for sale in Karachi on

Scheme 33; An Affordable Place To Live In The Mid Of Karachi

Scheme 33 is located close to the main superhighway of Karachi, Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Gulshan-e-Iqbal and Malir Cantt. The scheme 33 contain of many small housing societies. In large number of housing societies that makes Scheme 33 are more than 250. The prices that these societies are offering are affordable for a middle-class. Scheme 33 is the best opportunity for those who are searching  home to stay connected with the happening life of the city. Also, the people who are looking for the plots in the metropolis of the city Karachi, Scheme 33 is the best option to invest. Moreover, the security of the residencies is the first priority of the societies. In this blog, we are going to list the features of Scheme 33 to live in the mid of Karachi.

It is also the reason behind the increase in demand for the plots that are located in Scheme 33. People are showing great interest in the project because of the low cost.

The Scheme 33 is the society that is offering all the facilities and amenities at low cost. If you are seeking the property in the mid of the city at a low-price range than must visit all the housing societies located in the area of Gulshan-e-Iqbal and Gulistan-e-Jouhar. The societies are indeed luxurious by all means providing all the perks. Properties of various sizes that suits your budget are also available. These societies are surrounded by a boundary wall to protect the residencies from any harm, for any concerns do visit our website to get all the recent updates related to Scheme 33.

 Gadap Town

Gadap Town covering area is about 1200 sq km and is considered to be one of the biggest towns in the city. The Gadap Town contain 8 union councils, out of which there are some housing areas that are highly populated. There some residential areas like Surjani Town, Ahsanabad, Gulshan-e-Maymar and Taiser Town.

When people are choosing a house for residence. One of the major reasons why Surjani Town is considered to be the most desired area when it comes to buying property is its easy access to some of the major road of the city. The Town is well-connected with Karachi Northern Bypass and Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway, which makes it easier for people living in Surjani Town to easy to  access to the main city. 

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